The Early Holdens eBay store specialises in parts for Australian produced Holden’s from 1948 to 2017 & engine support from 6 cylinder Grey Motor in a early series right through to the Gen IV LS3 V8 in a VF Commodore.

The eBay store has a very similar line up to this on-line store. The part numbers will cross over or interchange within the eBay store to assist you in your purchase decisions.


Some consumers might be wary of purchasing from a web site, we are quite happy for you to check on our credentials and outstanding level of service we have given to our eBay clients since the store opening in 2014.

Flipping through our eBay feedback from very satisfied buyers might help you with building that little bit of extra confidence to purchase from our on-line store.

If you need the added buyer protection that eBay provides to purchase your item(s) in total confidence and added safety net of eBay’s Buyer Protection program and PayPal’s partnership, we will see you in the checkout.